Color Your World



Yellow Green

Taking an early morning walk, daylight just slicing slits in the disappearing darkness, I fell. Checking my clothing for damage, not finding any, and not experiencing any pain I was quickly on my way. Hadn’t gone but a few steps when I startled a very fine looking drake mallard. It didn’t fly far, and the sun now bleaching the late dark sky a beautiful pastel blue presenting the duck in a highly photogenic manner. Camera always at the ready, and everything set to auto, I shot the mallard. The resulting image, a well defined portrait, showing the yellow beak, green head, and neck, of a very proud mallard drake. As I was on a mission, on the look out for anything that conformed to the challenge, ‘Colour Your World Green Yellow’, I consider it complete. Now after the buzz of making the shot I became aware that my right shoulder was paining, nothing so bad that I couldn’t carry on, but with the thought that it might worsen I called it a day.

days ending sun done
dusks choir in full song
sleep well lullaby’s


© Mick E Talbot 2017

Color Your World – Green Yellow

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4 thoughts on “Color Your World”

  1. I like this challenge, Mick, though I never get around to taking part. That’s a beautiful portrait of a mallard and it would have worked very well for Paula’s Profile challenge this morning too. 🙂
    Many thanks for the follow and sorry for the tumble.

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