Haibun | Breakfast Lunch & Diner

Boultham Park


I walk my local park oft daily, and today was no exception. The swans, smaller wildfowl too, bathed in morning sunlight, reflections, inverted partners, a perfect double view. The park lake was a magnate to the gulls, most black headed, squawking, diving in, and out of sight. Carrion crows perched low, in naked trees. scanning the lake, its banks. for chances to come down, and feed. Siskins in the alder’s, tinkling in there searching, finding psyllids, aphids, a tasty morning meal. A sparrow hawk was spotted, swooping, having read the alders menu, the siskins in its sight. A magpie, three crows took  the hawks appearance as  an infringement, mobbed it out of sight. Peace returned to lake land, time for me to take my leave. Afore I did, out the corner of my eye, a brown rat, taking chances, acting rather sly. Had I blinked, I’d of missed it, as it grabbed a crust, still running, a sight I have never seen before. Made my day, but then nature always does, I pray it stays that way.

sparrows chirping feeding
sun setting clouds burning red
dusk threatening darkness
© Mick E Talbot


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