Acrostic Color Your World Canary

Color Your World Canary

Color your world canary.
Over and over again
Love always finds its away,
Over and over again.
Respite for life, she’s great

Your love, your wife, your mate.
Ousted, all lovers spats.
Understanding rules the day.
Relinquish all loves hates.

Working for peace, goodwill,.
Over, and over again.
Rapour always developing.
Love has its ways, rest assured.
Devotion, trust, integrity, it works.

Compromieses, a part of all life.
Always agreeing to disagree.
No sly bit on the side.
Adultry totally forbidden.
Respect for each other, your plight.
Your partners for life, alright!


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Color Your World Canary


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