Haibun: Lake Life – ( 湖 生活 )

The art, no the scribbled drawing is my own, sketched using Windows paint, not really up to it, I do mean me, loads of practice sessions booked. The title and my signature done using the Bing translator, love some feed back on that aspect of the drawing please.

Note the new image, painted by me, 13th February 2017 – Water color – Lake Life

湖 生活


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Life on the lake today, well, checking my notes i can say: Swans a pair, mallards, so many, widegon a few, one shoveler i viewed too. Then came the geese, a long way from home, Canada in fact, so cold, Lincoln, England, much warmer, if your a goose. Canada geese, yep named after their country, -10 C I believe. Next on my list, coots a good few. A bit further on, a moorhen or two. In the lake of life there is plenty, I could name them all, but for the records I didn’t see any. Having delt with the fauna next the lake flora, and there in one corner some reeds. Four hours of looking, time now is talking, “You’ve done your days recording, now get youself home for some tea. So witout looking back, I’m off down the track, heading home for a snack, and a nice cup of hot tea.

winter nature cleans
recycles all for spring growth
summer warmth  prevails


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Haibun Monday Ekphrasis and Haiga


9 thoughts on “Haibun: Lake Life – ( 湖 生活 )”

  1. Thank you Björn ,
    Not been cold enough for a freeze over, only just 2 days ago, had our first snow, yet other parts of the UK appear to be snowed in, hope I’m , not tempting providence .


  2. I don’t know if the translation is correct or not. The title seems right based on Google Translate. I have tried drawing with my Samsung phone which comes with a stylus, but I have not got very far with it. I liked the composition of your image.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Frank,
      Yeah, I like it too, just too scruffy, going to dig my water colors out. Always fancied doing a bit of Japanese single stroke art.
      As for the Japanese text, thanks for the confirmation on the title, the other, my signature, I believe is correct too, going to use the column format (right to left) next time, thanks again,


      Liked by 2 people

      1. I like your new image even better. The title that I could highlight was considered Chinese by Google Translate however some of the characters (the rounder one that looks like a 9) in the drawing do look Japanese. I don’t know either language.

        Liked by 1 person

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