Senryu Crochet


DSC03042.JPGcrochet pin cushion
all my own work many more
once an addiction

Late 70’s early 80’s I worked/volunteered as a craft instructor at a local daycentre for the disabled. Not going to brag about crafts I was capable of, but needless to say crochet, (sorry but I cant resist) and many forms of lace work were some of them. Sight failing, (diabetes related), and the loss of dexterity means that I am unable to work with any anymore. There was one thing I did try to learn, that being crocheting single handed, failed miserably. The needle was held in an adapted vice and the yarn worked with just the one hand, to see amputees actually doing it, well it boggled my mind.

Thought you might be interested Anita


2 thoughts on “Senryu Crochet”

  1. Thank you for the very thoughtful post, Mick! 🙂 I’ve unraveled the project that you have in mind 😦 but this picture is inspiring! I’ll *have* to think of something new now! 😀
    Hopefully, your other interests keep you happy enough that you don’t think of crochet often!

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