IBMC #4 – Hunt a Haiku Challenge #05

Haiku 05

The haiku chosen for the challenge is :
past hosted party
gave future as the present
present is partying
my captures
escapees from my heart
caged again in print
haiku a challenge
many rules to be correct
party to crowded
invites seventeen
gate crashers evicted
non syllables fine
not my party
yet i’ll dance if i want to
evict if i’m wrong
past hosted parties
followed all the rules 17 or less
true Japanese style
party pooper no
over crowding kills many
burden park 33 dead
fun lets party on
with much respect for the host
message man that’s me
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
IBMC #4 – Hunt a Haiku Challenge



4 thoughts on “IBMC #4 – Hunt a Haiku Challenge #05”

    1. Indeed, see/read so many that don’t abide. Then I am not perfect, but if I do find I’ve strayed the I make a correction. Glad you got a chuckle out of them, was/am expecting worse, such is the life of a poet 🙂 ☺

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