Haiku Sound


Haiku Sound


cuckoo cuckoo
now a sound so rare despair
Maltese shoot for what

unseen sound
whistling in the night sky
migrant waders high

spring sounds
winter ice thawing
babbling brooks

purring sound music
goes on for miles and miles
souped up F1 racer

the sound of music
driving down the motorway

cute bird
singing on the stage
sound awful

echoing sound
calling for assistance
fallen down a well

sounds well
the price of birdseed it should
canary singing

music ripples wind blown
fields of seeded rape drying
farmers love that sound

sound of ricochets
terrifying noise of war
keep your head down

the sound of lust
perverts heavy breathing
put the phone down

can life go on
sounds of battles raging why
obeying orders

hear this sound
boom world war three no return
too late life all gone
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

The Daily Post Feb 15, 2017 Daily Prompt Sound The Daily Post Feb 15, 2017

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