Japanese Poetry Compilation

frogs welcoming spring
water boatmen nymphs hatching
lucky koi carp
of the natural world
reed beds croaking
jenny wrens pairing
observed on riverbank
warning river floods
male winter gnats lek
ghostly apparitions
females pick and choose
early spring hovers
marmalade drone flies mimic
wasp bee look alike
salmon leaping
UK otters feast awaits
bears in Canada
now spring is dawning
life in the wild is dancing
winter pressure ceased
swans bond for life
once an ugly duckling
Anderson was wrong
fluffy cygnets in a line
hungry pike can dine
love my life
observing nature
climate warming blamed
hark life’s heart pounding
procreation rife
fauna flora trending
summers warm breaths awaiting
choruses of the mornings
just one love my dearest wife
nineteen sixty-nine to now
would I do it again yeah
my truelove my wife
life’s mysteries all hid
concealed happiness much joy
awakened when strangers touch kiss
when right truelove found
my love
beauty aired
blinding flashes
eyes close I feel it
feel my loins begging please
entwined desirer’s released
lay back love realised true love
pacified we kiss hold each other
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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