48 YEARS.png

i fell for you my love
forty eight years ago March
love still forever
conquered mountains of pain
seen in your eyes looking down

my dearest my lover
my heart so grateful
for all the times past
longing forever your love
please stay forever mine

© Mr & Mrs Michael E Talbot 1969 – 2017/66

Somonka, cant find any Japanese reference  to this combination of 2 tanka. The English description defines it as 2 tanka poems exchanged between lovers. First recorded in the, (Man’yôshû), 1st century AD. Viola Berg’s Pathways For a Poet-1973 refers to the somonka as the rengo, no Japanese for that description ether. There is one for rengay, following a double haiku format, and also as poems passed between lovers. Garry Gay, is credited with the introduction of the rengay, as recent as 1989 – 1970. If anyone has, or can find any info alluding to this topic please do leave a link, thanks in advance,



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