Inspired Haiku Senryu Tanka | Party Time

Party Time

there’s parties
then there’s parties in my heart
haiku time dance

the words dance in time
to our hearts beating rhythm
one two three and dance

dancing in the night
two hearts embracing love
their party time

life’s party living
many years a jiving
in and out of love

you exude it in your words
your party time

lets dance
our words will guide us
as one

the clock struck twelve
your words your eyes pleading run
i am your wizard
i broke her spell 1 minute gone
i’ll guide you precious lady

hates not in your soul
partying you might not like
words do it for you

i’ve partied
my feelings i have explored
twelve o’clock i’m done

you do it to me
you get into my mind
tell me what you see
Inspired by yassy66
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


5 thoughts on “Inspired Haiku Senryu Tanka | Party Time”

    1. ha ha i laugh as i was on your blog re pleasures, I am ready, composed a few, I can ether select one myself, or you can view them and pick one you think would complement each others, your serve..

      Thank you for your wonderful senryu!


      Liked by 1 person

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