Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 33 – Children & Wonderland

Children & Wonderland

wonderland how far
in times of war and strife
orphaned children
dinghy’s overloaded
pray how far wonderland

lucky not floating
drowned on shores far from home
how far wonderland
children babes i’m crying
what does it take to end war

tear jerking tragic
what of the very lucky few
was wonderland found
were promises upheld
still children crying

back to my land
even here children suffer
crying still ignored
deplorable behaviour
what wonderland what

happiness explored
fraught miles forgotten

to all who read me
my thoughts transcribed imploring
please help children find
wonderland happiness joy
learning skills for their future

run out of tissue’s
yet tears still fall like rain
thinking of our kids
their future wonderland
inadequacies not planned
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 33 – Children & Wonderland


11 thoughts on “Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 33 – Children & Wonderland”

    1. It is something that is beyond my comprehension. Why. when for whatever reason, people who have bestowed on them lose the plot. I hasten to add Nelson Mandela not included. Its the same the world over, the UK being mo exception. From personal naivety in as much as I thought a new party, a brand new party to governing the UK a brilliant idea, I am glad I was in the minority at our last government election. As for the USA, I hope they don’t live to rue the day they put Trump in power. My sentiments on the latter is they will, maybe the rest of the world will too. Like you say what is happening in this world today is not only absurd but downright shameful!

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      1. What’s so irritating is that people are just Ok as much as they get what is there’s the rest can rot in doom.. Take my coutry for example people are dying in Turkana..yet the Govt squanders billions of dollars for their greed…”life goes on” Tupac said..But at what expense? Apathy, Greed, corruption?….You’re right, its utter shameful

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