Inspired Random – Haiku – Senryu – Tanka

A Micro Anthology
she glides water ripples
reflections disintegrate
moving images



whooper mute berwick’s
beholden to nature
their snow white beauty


tiny frit flies
breed three times yearly
give them room



natures lace
web lacewings lacewing hoppers
leave bombyx mori alone


stillness wake up
I thought that you had gone
i still have your words


i watch the moon slide
down into the west to rise
it follows darkness


autumn confetti
winters sparkling diamond snow
summers roasting glare
springs verdant face new life
unsullied raw perfection


lives endangered
winter out of control
spring lingering hope


climate change
overall warming
life’s threatened


clouds swirl columns form
a nasty twist of nature
beware its appetite

© Mick E Talbot


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