Senryu Dedicated to My Wife

❤Dedicated to My Wife❤


i miss the time when—
we fulfilled our passion
made love every night

now i live for you
our life together—truelove
with our family

we still walk—not far
holding hands—still cherishing
our own company

were not alike
chalk and cheese suits us well
our love heaped in stacks

hobbies—wife has two
me to many to mention
just one love—my wife

age—me going on 73
my wife why would you ask
oh yes i’m older

children—we have three
one good one bad one naughty
one of each….joking

our lives right now
she cares for 2 mum 93 years old
a poorly sister

me I care for her
she cares for me with feeling
48 years together
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


8 thoughts on “Senryu Dedicated to My Wife”

  1. Wow!
    In a time when we hear only of divorces and breakups, it’s extremely encouraging to see a wonderful couple married for such a long time, and still in love. There is still hope then, It would be great if you share how you were able to stand together as a couple in the face of time, in another post, perhaps. It would be extremely useful to us. Please do consider, Sir.
    “hobbies—wife has two, me to many to mention,just one love—my wife”-A typo perhaps? “me, too many to mention”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘O’ one to many
    lovers words OH’s and AH’s
    beware the typos

    on my blog
    you’ll find some tips on truelove
    plus restorations

    don’t let her/him know
    compromise learning loves ways
    the joys of marriage

    thanks for pointing out the typo, and the WOW, appreciated.


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