Smiling In The Dawn

Haiku Tanka

tis natures rhythm
heart beating in seasons
climate change cofounds
robins singing out of tune
winter sun confusing all

winter retreating
sunny spring has arrived
natures telling lies

should we give up no
spring will emerge believe
daffodils dancing

we all wait for spring
the doors to summertime joy
flowering meadows buzz

p m dusk still dark
with a wizardly spell
each time I blink
dusk smiles a smile of lightness
concedes smiling in the dawn

sunshine a promise
a north westerly wind denies
cold—birds all puffed up

crocus all in bloom
nature I will not be denied
snowdrops dancing too

cuckoo’s don’t make spring
first swallows not a summer
fledglings—life anew

true love so precious
nature singing out aloud
forever it pleads
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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