Inspired Haiku – Mid Winter Spring

Mid Winter Spring

poets inspire
others to divulge feelings
bringing words to life

my mind exploding
letters falling covering all
breath blowing word drifts

A snowy haiku senryu fling
Wake up! Wake up, join in
Mid winter spring time joys.

to join in the spirit
of mid winter spring time
my haiku poems

spring days mid winter
false security beware
seasons out of tune

snow crystal beauty
D I Y winter carpet
Angels dandruff

winter in full bloom
snowdrops dancing in the breeze
mass celebration

wrapped up warm
our souls await the fray
downhill skiing

rosy red pouting
your lips your breath snow white clouds
enchanting winter

we touch we feel hot
snow angels having fun time
snow diamonds jiving

pines bending touching
fir cones forming sledges
leprechauns racing
Inspired by Richard M. Ankers
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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