Haiku Senryu “jewels”



a gem dancing
sparkling in a starry night
pearls of wisdom

seashores concealing
jewels from a forest
amber kissed by tides

diamonds and a lady
one shines one tries to impress
best of both worlds

opulence shinning
her eyes they have great depth
living jewels

gold not a jewel
hearts untold stolen lost
buried treasure

oysters are hiding
sensual aphrodisiacs
Pearls okay too

all the jewels
material desires
my wife my fire

the diamond she wares
her heart a ruby concealed
her mind pearls wisdom

a royal jewel
blinding beauty often seen
lucky Prince Andrew

austere times
gold jewels all sold for cash
ere one my wife


Image Author Unknown

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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