Tanka “Help & Smile”

“help and smile”


first a selfy
my face a smile endowed
serious the need
my smile often offended
army help confirmed
help nature the world
winters grimaces springtime smiles
summertime’s laughing
autumns frowning leaves flying
makes the earth a better place
waves smiling moonlit
prostrate now becalmed but live
life bared birds feeding
substance gleaned whistling thanks
gulls gliding through the spray
look to the sky smile
observer the milky way
look for hope help too
planet earth is begging
for us you me all
i feel your smile
your lips trace mine agreeing
truelove realised
nine months of help nurturing
twins double jubilations
roaring rapids spray
salmon leaping smiling joy
natures helping hand
calm reached spawning done
adults fade recycling life
summer gardens look
such colourful smiles
beguiling scents
summertime personified
mother natures help fulfilled
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge # 23 – HELP & SMILE

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