Snow & Animals

Snow & Animals



winter snow conceals
lemmings burrowing
seeking fodder
prey that can be detected
some animals just know how

artic fauna
there are many—some use snow
dens dug for shelter
where new life is often born
penguins too use winter


yellowstone preserve
famed for its hot springs—geysers
white tailed eagles fish
otters sliding on snow slopes
all finding warmth in hot springs


Exmoor Dartmoor—snow
affecting fauna flora
plant life buried
carrion where ere you look
feed the birds feed all wildlife


pet animals
canines—most love a frolic
dancing in the snow
chasing disappearing—
snowflakes—winter magic


what about humans
we are animals we are
throwing snowballs—
building effigies with snow
snowmen snow-women why not


spring says no to snow
begging winter set me free
new life is waiting
animals starting breeding
spring bleating lambs a cuckoo
The majority of images are © Mick E Talbot 2017/66 others ether by unknown authors or are free domain.
Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 34 – Snow & Animals


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