Haiku Challenge “waste”


nature has no waste
spring hatched eggs recycled
autumn leaves worms lunch
nature wastes no time
decomposition feeds life
maggots feeding time
new life spring events
survival of the fittest
death is not a waste
dawn chorus birds sing
not a note is wasted
territories at stake
beavers fell timbre
for food and building dams
some stored for winter
oceans have power
once wasted now utilized
winter warmth for man
no time to waste
warm months not to distant now
red deer must rut
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Haiku Horizons

8 thoughts on “Haiku Challenge “waste””

    1. The point, there is human waste, non biodegradable in the short-term, but eventually nature will have its way, not necessarily biologically, at least not until its ground microscopic dust.

      However until it gets to that stage it is doing untold damage to the environment as well as killing all manner of wildlife. With much respect,


      PS Nearly forgot, great haiku!!


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