Haibun “My Morning”

My Morning



How long can a haibun be. Those in the know state that each paragraph must be supported by a haiku, no qualms about that, but does that infer it can be a book, an anthology? Answers on a postcard please. The content of a haibun, well I go along with it being a record of ones present day events, with, perhaps, a reflection of past happenings which relate to what trauma, or pleasure is effecting ones progress throughout the now. However what is, or can be found, are haibun prompts? I cant see how that works when applied to this format. One has to take into account that the rules state no fiction is permitted. Of course there will be a prompt that will coincide with a daily occurrence, but, are we talking blue moons? Just airing my thoughts as I write.

spring sunshine rising
portrayed in the first person
in natures shadow

Ablutions done, breakfast downed, dishes washed, dried, put away, I sit to write. Hello, a knock at the door disturbs my concentration. It was expected, but ere my short term memory loss, forgotten. As was, it was the plumber, the washer on the hot water bath tap had done a runner. All done, and mopped up, I’m back to writing. Sadly my memory loss has affected my concentration, the path I was on, gone, total disintegration. A cuppa downed, I read what I have written, it rang a bell, through a switch, pointed me in the right direction. I sit, and wait, nothing to anticipate ere a haiku words, my memories restoration.

spring sunshine
encouraging natures words
openings defined

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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