An Inspired ABC

Adoration inspired by your poems.
Beholden to the magic you exude.
Challenging the most hardened hearts.
Devoted to the mystic of natural habitats.
Exploring love, its rapture, and its hurts.
Flexing your word power, for all to read.
Gallivanting, hop, skip, and jumping all across the page.
Hilariously amusing, bringing smiles when least expected.
Introvert, and extrovert, what ever mood she is in.
Joyfulness, lovingness, politeness, and empathy if required.
Karma of an Angel, her virtues all allude to goodness,
Love expressed in poetry, transcribed with much tenderness.
Mindful not to offend, hurt, or cause bad feelings.
Nocturnally inspired, she explores the universe.
Occasionally divulging secret memories, from another time.
Pertaining to a land, where peace is life’s only way.
Returning, awakening to reality, not easy to succumb
Spectacular her journeys, at each place she leaves a legacy,
Text explaining her love, her pain, all transcribed in sand.
Unrestricted devotion to her kin, and in all she believes.
Vexed, a momentarily exception to events that vex us all.
Wishful, as is often, the hopes, and thoughts of all.
Xeric might be her land. but her tears, a contradiction
Zest for life exposed in the spirit of a precious Ladies words.


About and dedicated to yassy66 Yasmin



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