A Dissenters Poem

A Dissenters Poem

Black is a colour,
One day, it will paint the world,
Genetically, it is dominant,
Politically, publically lives in fear.
What right has anyone,
To discriminate on color?
We are all human, we all bleed red!
If supremacy relates to goodness,
Then its time some folks changed their job!
Instigating bad feelings, why?
Each day the hypocrite’s,
Wish peace, hope, and goodwill.
Behind closed, and even open doors,
Issue orders, threats to kill!
Seems folk have short memories,
Have learned nothing from past wars.
There is room, for all to live in peace,
Black, White, Red, or Yellow!
Discriminatory names, used by evil groups,
That brainwash, and invoke bad feeling.
Those that speak the truth, shot down,
Assassinated, or locked away as dissenters!
Its not humanity that has lost the plot,
No, its egotistical, maniacal deceivers,
So called country leaders!
These words wrote as poetry,
Present to the World a challenge.
To get together, live as one, find a balance.
Make it their primary objective,
For the World population to live as one
In peace, joyfulness, goodwill,
Come on lets have some FUN!
Mick E Talbot March 2017

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