March 6th Mid-afternoon – My Photos – Haiku

March 6th Mid-afternoon


purple crocus
in full bloom seeking sunlight
stretching—reaching out

dwarf daffodil
perky little fellow
springtime yellow
feather moss
not a gardeners choice
sneaking in

houseleek sempervivum
rockery plant well known
creeping is its trait

horse chestnut budding
conker’s autumnal fun
grey squirrel fodder

female male flowers
hazelnuts in the fall
Christmas crackers

chancing a drowning
male nursery web spider
snatching springtime sun

diptera flies
springtime adventurers
Copepod species
water butt teeming with life
sunlight attracted
note the babies
in their thousands—micro life
springtime hatchlings
All images are my own work.

Poetry © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

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