my tears flow like rain
imitating dew drops
disguising my pain
my passion burns like fire
my unrequited love
natures fire
spontaneous combustion
forests ravaged
moorlands too can suffer pain
rain quenches thirsty flames
can you feel my heat
you set my loins on fire
don’t let rain drops
subdue our burning passion
our love felt desire
campfires protect
campers sleeping neath the stars
flames keeping water warm
rain just a shower spitting
hissing forming steamy clouds
fireflies blinking
fairies flying by torchlight
shush watch them dancing
watch them dodging raindrops
as dawn begins to cry
rain freshwater life
sea’s distilled freshwater life
swimming sailing life
all dependant on warmth
from a fire we call sun
picnic barbeques
fresh caught fly fished rainbow trout
crisped both sides tasty
charcoal fire kept stoked
rain filled kettle boiling
inspiration gleaned
Colleens choice words afire
words rained or tried to
a challenge full of laughter
I’m done had great fun thank you
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge # 24 – “FIRE & RAIN”

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