Inspired Senryu Aliens Are We?

One Alien To Another
Are We?
are we aliens
arrived on earth via comet
high speed delivery
two hundred  and two
thousand plus seventeen years
no high speed travel
evolutions real
no comet delivery
diverse life evolved
conjecture implies
first life was all aquatic
merpeople you me
evolutions real
we progressed from sea to land
many trials faced
to this day we fight
for what is thought correct
no truth yet attained
do the stars hold truth
extra-terrestrial we
left behind we ask
did the old ones leave
in a hurry leaving signs
coded messages
a warning to all
perhaps check the desert marks
only seen from height
to this day not read
not yet decoded why
did they take the key
involved in ancient buildings
beggars belief
we are the aliens
from another place and time
left to learn a truth
unless peace prevails
a lesson we’ve yet to learn
if we don’t were stuck
implications real
deal peace not war  will find truth
working as one we’ll return
folk up there can hear
and when the time is correct
when we live in peace
opens up a way
the passage from whence we came
galaxies beyond
the code is broken
learn peace to set  yourselves free
ET’s going  home
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
I really did want to used the modern word for ‘stuck’.  ☺

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