Inspired Tanka “Rainbow”


the sun it paints
the colors  of a rainbow
raindrops its canvas
natures disguised treasure chest
go ask any leprechaun
a leprechaun
shovel sack and sieve to hand
to dig for gold
saw me looking shouted back
wake up wake up your dreaming
could see the fire
burning vying with the sun
your eyes shooting flames
searing passion of your soul
tears raining love untold
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
Inspired by Sue Vincent


11 thoughts on “Inspired Tanka “Rainbow””

    1. If I don’t achieve anything else in my life, bringing a smile, or making someone laugh can only mean I am doing something right. So, I thank you most kindly for your kind words, long may they continue to inspire. Best wishes,


            1. Never to late for a touch of happiness,
              True lovers spats often end that way.
              Happiness, if my magic wand would work,
              I would cast a spell banning hate, and war,
              Then cast another, happiness for evermore!


    1. A true story, really!
      Driving along a country lane, our boss driving, my son and myself sat in the rear, when out of the blue the boss said, “I was driving this lane a few days back when I overtook a leprechaun ridding a pushbike”. Well, my son, and I looked at each other, and simultaneously said, “You on drugs boss”, and before he could answer we overtook an adult male, and yes dressed as a leprechaun. The strangest thing then happened, we looked back and he was gone. I hasten to add there was nowhere for it/him to hide, just gone, No one said another word, and we never ever discussed the event, this being the ever public comment on the event, at least by me. I don’t think the other two will ever bring the topic up publically for fear of being ridiculed.
      What do you make of that, very strange, eh?


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