March 7th 2017 Haiku

March 7th 2017

spring today March seventh
cold confused wind rain and sun
natures not at ease
half four overcast
four degrees the temperature
early spring still cold
house sparrows tweeting
going to roost in the ivy
home in spring for some
daffodils still proud
crocuses still standing
spring mint poking through
water lilies
survived the winter season
spring they might just fail
true bulrush
not reed mace not related
spring needles showing
robin feeding late
is that an early warning
for spring morning frost


Rook Disaster


*Truly a disaster, the flock from start to finish took 20 minutes plus to pass my garden. From observable  horizons well over a mile long, and varied between a 100 to 200 meters wide. Density was also variable, from around a meter to several, rarely small gaps of 5 to 10 seconds with no birds. In 60 seconds the most passed a marker, some one hundred plus, averaging out at approximately 50 a minute. The flock could quite easily exceeded 2’000 birds. Then one night and there after they were never seen again. I made enquirers and found out the copse they use for their roost no longer existed, as to whether the flock had been taken out as well no one would, or could not  say

rooks conspicuous
by their absence
man made disaster

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66