Readers’ wildlife photos

Beautiful wild cats and a pussy cat, rebloged, source at bottom of post

Why Evolution Is True

Reader John Conoboy sent. . . CATS!  His notes are indented:

Here are some photos from my recent trip to Tanzania. I will start with cats. Lions, leopards and cheetahs are the big draws, and the guides all communicate by radio whenever there is a sighting and swarms of vehicles converge at the site and jockey for position so their clients can get a good picture.

The first three are of a lion (Pathera leo nubica) we managed to spot in Tarangire National Park when there were no other vehicles around, which is extremely lucky.  Our guide said that she probably had cubs hidden somewhere while she was hunting as she is obviously nursing. We watched her stop to take a drink and then she walked directly toward our vehicle. She stopped just under the window where I was sitting. Except for my fondness for having my arm and…

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