March 9th 2017 – Haibun

Rebloged as first posting was not complete due to me having a hypoglycemic attack. I am fine now, and raring to go!,

Mick E Talbot Poems

Two Hour Walk



Morning outside my window another glorious sunny day. House sparrows chirping, woodpigeons cooing. Lilac, silver birch, sycamore, cherry, field maple, horse chestnut, elder, yew, holly, and common ash buds swelling, not long now before leaves burst out, shouting spring!   Paradise, my front garden, open doors to all four seasons. One alarm clock without a snooze button. Up, down for breakfast, dishes done, ablutions completed, domestics tended, PC on. Word press momentarily sorted, shopping down. Wife perks up, suggesting, I should go out and have some fun. Twas already on my mind, but I thanked her with a cheeky peck, checked my cameras, all in order, donned hat, walking boots, a light coat just in case winter shows its face. Time 3 PM, or there about, told all where I was going, “Backies Wood”,  waved goodbye, and was on my way.

spring surprises
shrub small leaves in full bloom

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