Haibun: Garden March 11th – My Photos


Garden March 11th


A bleak, but not a cold spring day. Camera to hand I went out to play. My little magic patch, four leaf clovers. counted four, no doubt had looked harder I’d found some more. Bracket fungi, growing on the garden path, some toadstools underneath a grounded compost bin, mycelium growing under contiboard, for early spring that’s some hoard. Next, a leaf caught my attention, above ground decomposing, leave venation showing. Against a cloudy sky, shows a beauty  not oft seen, a natural wonder not quite completed. Turning back to the compost lid a good few slugs and snails were hid. One snail stood out from all the rest, a somewhat colourful garden pest, a yellow lipped snail, quite pretty, this time survives for not a friend I would of normally its life ended, not really, chucked into the hedge, landing hurly burly. Springtails always in abundance most absconding avoiding my attention but always one up for a session. Orchesella cincta by name, helped me play my game. Hazel tree coming on more female flowers now in full bloom, dark pink, shot a cracker this time, I think. My water butt, with life still teeming, but you will see no babies, all grown on or did not survive two frosty nights alive. To make sure I got the balance I did a treble, not stacked, and that’s your challenge.

dull springtime day
warm no wind life all buzzing
winter gnats still swarming
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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