Tranquil Pause – Daily Haiku Challenge – 10/03/2017

A Micro Haiku Anthology

haiku pause
find time to indulge
its tranquil
tranquil springtime–no
rampant life procreating
summertime respite
tranquil sleep possessed
life paused in hibernation
warm spring awakens
humanity pause
heed natures plight–not tranquil
struggling for all life
tranquil respite
a momentary pause
springtime in frenzy
becalmed not a breath
a pause before the storm
false security
a tranquil morning
natures breathing paused holding
frozen misty day
meditation calm
induced tranquillity
reality paused
tranquil is the dusk
in summertime no equal
pause hark look listen
nights ending a pause
tranquil the nature of rest
sun awakens life



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