springtime instinct
to procreate make new life
proclaim by singing
the will to survive
instinct spontaneous acts
reflex actions
survival instinct
inbred in all life forms
springtime action
innate behaviour
fledglings learning to fly
honeybees swarming

Mick E Talbot 2017


The Daily Post Mar 15, 2017 Daily Prompt Instinct


8 thoughts on “Instinct”

  1. Mike, thanks for following my blog. Your blog is beautiful. I love the scrolling home page you have. I took a second look at your dog. I had a little dog that looked identical to yours. His name was Bud, and I loved him to death. Your poetry is moving. I hope you are not on the East Coast today in all this bad weather. Spring may be a while coming. It’s gorgeous here in CA. I’d love to have you sign up to follow my professional blog as well. I’ve been a teacher and educational consultant, blogger, and author. What kinds of obstacles do you face blogging or writing that I might be able to support you with?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marsha.
      Many thanks for all your kind words, especially about Squidgy. Sadly he died shortly or just before his first birthday, broke all our hearts.

      As to your offer of help should I need it, I thank you most kindly, and should I ever come across any obstacles that I cant handle, I have your number, sort of 😉
      As for the weather, were doing fine, albeit I just heard that things might be taking a turn for the worse, we’ll see.

      I did drop by marshajustrwrites, and one of your other blog sites, for the life of I cant remember its name, but as and when I have more time I will drop by again. As things are at the moment I am having great fun writing my poetry.

      You take care now, best wishes,


      Liked by 1 person

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