Haiku Rant and an Explanation


from its depths screaming
in its shallows coral bleached
oceans dying slowly
the living oceans
now dancing in throws of death
screaming mercy
natures synopsis
stop pollution or die
seas support all life
I beg the whole world
heed the warning natures voice
make it so warp nine
burn fossil fuels
formed by mass extinction
easily done again
not one life living
then I’m only guessing
all life extinct soon

I am now considering my response to the consequences of global pollution via my poetic input as a somewhat wasted effort. With much respect to the minuscular percent that do read it, and to those that truly care. For it is to all those who are unaware, those who don’t care, (I like to think, out of ignorance), and to those in denial, who seem to think climate/global warming is some sort of conspiracy. Unless action is taken immediately, (for the point of no return is fast approaching), then we can all start counting down, but for some life forms its already to late. I’ll end my meaningful rant with one example, CORAL BLEACHING, act now, and we will save them, and the world! PLEASE, FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN, FOR ALL LIFE. THIS IS A GLOBAL WARNING, ACT NOW


Mick E Talbot 2017


18 thoughts on “Haiku Rant and an Explanation”

      1. true – but we must not loses hope, else there is no hope – am remembering Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote for the cynical that things only get done when individuals begin…

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        1. My only cynicism, and scepticism lies with governments, and the USA’s at the moment, with Trump having/showing no respect to scientific evidence is a huge concern, I will go as far as saying that all doctorial governments ether misinform their people, or ban their media from mentioning global warming. And if it is mentioned then the blame is laid on the democratically run countries. After all it is with big businesses and governments where the problems lie. As for me I will never give up, my ref. to my poetry, (in context), being wasted, was only meant to infer that it wasn’t getting out there, considering how many people are on Word Press. I am thinking of asking, (hint 😉 ) folk to reblog my post on nature suffering, clime change, global warming, and of course pollution. My deepest thanks for your response and the reminder of Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote for the cynical that things only get done when individuals begin… I begun a long time ago, definitely wont be stopping any time soon.


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  1. Terrific! I share your ranting. I remember the old story of the poets in Ireland having to take shelter in the hedgerows. The government pursued them because it was afraid of the poet’s power to rouse people. Long live the poets!!

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