Dream Catcher Tanka – Acrostic


dream catcher catch mine

dreams of her who dreams of me

my truelove my wife

you held both then set them free

our love true loves destiny


Dreams fantasies, or destinies?
Retained fantasies, destinies released
Every dream that’s chased, could turn out true
According to some philosophers point of view.
Make it happen, go on follow through

Chance is a fine thing grab it while you can
Achiving goals that were once dreamed now you know the plan
Time tested, now proven your future your plan
Cordinated albeit chewed on for awhile
Hopes now all realised. ones dream has come true.
Extraordinary with faith how things can work out
Reintroduced to love, a wife, my new life sound!

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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