Saturday Stream of Consciousness – Prompt “Man”




humans have one chance
to survive—end pollution
time is running out

man negates nature
not everyone—governments
no doubt—nature wins
hark oceans screaming
check dead whales on many shores
pollution poisons
the time is now hark
glaciers retreating melting
seasons out of sync
arthropods many
lost to global warming
devastation rife
humans both genders
wilfully destroying life
fauna flora suffer
man kills for pleasure
monetary gain who pays
if only tears were gold
for nature i cry
if i thought my death would help
but one to save the planet
inadvertently it might
i’m ashamed to say in vain
ordinary men
women too have to stand up
make their voices heard
cry stop pollution now else
we will all pay the price death
conscious why deny
the love of freedom runs deep
groups point at raising
the general world populace
consciousness to natures fate


Saturday Stream of Consciousness – Prompt “M A N”


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