Warming Dying World

Warming Dying World

stop world pollution
stop global warming
warming climate
warming oceans seas
seas sustain life
seas breathe for the world
world life suffering
world pollution poison
poison atmosphere
poison oceans
oceans levels rising
oceans flooding
flooding drowning life
flooding causing strife
strife of all manners
strife for nature
nature seasons fickle
nature all out of sync
sync seasons fickle strange
sync must not be lost
lost to climate change
lost to pollution
pollution taking life
pollution governments deny
deny or pass the blame
deny pollution facts
facts natures dying
facts global warming’s real
real extinctions happening
real the cry for help
help protect planet earth
help show empathy
empathy reassuring
empathy toward suffering
suffering can be avoided
suffering crimes of war
war  kills innocents
war killing nature
nature screaming help
nature screaming for all life
life dependant on air
life gasping soon
soon air as we know it gone
soon now not long
long for and pray
long to stop the dying
dying life lost all dead
dying the price we pay
Blitz Poetry
A form of poetry created by poet Robert Keim in 2008. It is a 50-line poem of short phrases and images. The “Blitz” poem is well-named, as the fifty short lines are read in rapid-fire fashion. “The form really relies on sound and rapid “flow.” ~Rob Keim.
Here are the rules:
Line 1 should be one short phrase or image (like “build a boat”). Line 2 should be another short phrase or image using the same first word as the first word in Line 1 (something like “build a house”). Lines 3 and 4 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 2 as their first words (so Line 3 might be “house for sale” and Line 4 might be “house for rent”). Lines 5 and 6 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 4 as their first words, and so on until you’ve made it through 48 lines. Line 49 should be the last word of Line 48. Line 50 should be the last word of Line 47. The title of the poem should be three words long and follow this format: (first word of Line 3) (preposition or conjunction) (first word of line 47). There should be no punctuation, except for an ellipse after the final two words in lines 49 & 50.


7 thoughts on “Warming Dying World”

  1. Wow, just watched your video, you sure your not telepathic. Much of what you talked about I could relate to, and at going on 73, I am still learning, or perhaps I should say finding out things about myself, thankfully I have an open mind and now accept life, my life, for what it is, happy. Enough said on that score, in reply to your comment I agree, and now were learning, albeit I think to late, plus for whatever reasons governments seem to be in denial. Its a sorry state of affairs and not one I can see being resolved in what little life I have left, but I’ll keep pushing and if what I write, albeit be it in poetry format. can do to others what it has done to you, then maybe, just maybe I am doing some good. Thanks for your comment, you video too, you take care,



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