Blitz: True Love Lasts

True Love Lasts
heart beating pounding
heart needing love
love lays prostrate
love my lust begs
begs let me please
begs no don’t tease
tease if you really must
tease me forever
forever I can wait
forever my love
love it knows no bounds
love in which we trust
trust my life
trust my faith
faith in loves ways
faith truelove brings
brings into being
brings more feeling
feeling inducing rapture
feeling inducing laughter
laughter we both know
laughter from within
within our very souls
within both of us
us truelove guides
us we can not hide
hide no eyes wide open
hide treasures yes
yes in love there are no no’s
yes as we kiss
kiss no holds barred
kiss a bound
bound we did
bound from day one
one once now two
one on one our way
way out in the cosmos
way out with the stars
stars in our eyes
stars their light
light dawn wakes
light revealing beauty
beauty we explore ours
beauty explicitly revealed
revealed blinding
revealed our love is true
true spats repaired in bed
true love conquours all
all now five very happy
bed a place of rest
© Mick E Talbot 2017


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