Blitz: Don’t Credit Nature

Don’t Credit Nature
nature has no malicious intent
nature cares humans don’t
don’t until its obvious
don’t until its to late
late and there’ll be no regrets
late no second chance all dead
dead as a result of denying
dead or heed the warnings
warnings scientist have made
warnings natures actions
actions required now
actions now not tomorrow
tomorrow will be much to late
tomorrow don’t procrastinate
procrastinate and we all lose
procrastinate bad decision
decision need one today
decision not made then pray
pray that governments realise
pray let common-sense prevail
prevail help nature to help its self
prevail in helping nature win
win by stopping pollution
win clean the air one solution
solution there is only one
solution stop all pollution
pollution poisons
pollution kills all life
life flora fauna fungi gone
life needs oxygen to survive
survive in shelters maybe
survive governments not we
we will die all life extinct
we through lack of air and the heat
heat will kill the flora first
heat climate warming’s real
real its happening now
real oceans dead spots a fact
fact don’t live in denial
fact not fiction
fiction conspiracies
fiction misinformation lies
lies governments passing blame
lies that all is well
well so sad for its not true
well give scientists their due credit
credit to all the research done
credit to their factual observations


One thought on “Blitz: Don’t Credit Nature”

  1. I really admire the form MET, well-crafted. And, yes, there are “buts,” but you probably have heard them too often. You advance your cause very well, sir. I disagree. But I don’t have to be disagreeable.

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