Blitz – My Life Intact

Hypothetically speaking this is my last blog, read on. I read on a blog I follow that a challenge was put up out for how one would write their last blog. I misplaced the link. If the author responsible for this challenge picks up on this post I’d love a link back, or from anyone who can help, please.


My Last Blog
My Life Intact
my life expectancy
my age seventy three years
years of up and downs
years most spent in happiness
happiness a daily occurrence
happiness a rollercoaster ride
ride a tandem
ride together
together truelove worked
together I like to think we’d go
go as far as the future knows
go up no probably down
down hill still I’m happy
down to me I go tomorrow
tomorrow the future
tomorrow will there be one
one now the two of us
one on one our way
way out among the stars
way beyond Jupiter or Mars
mars before I go just one
Mars laughs at earth
earth one day will be its son
earth maybe done afore me
me I got my son to make a promise
me–forget I’ll be back to haunt you
you till you see it done
you for me–my body donate
donate  to forensic science
donate your time make it happen
happen it must
happen it will pay attention
attention paid to writing poetry
attention take care of mum
mum mine long gone
mum mine not missed
missed I like to think
missed I’ll never know
know when the time is close
know that my love is near
near for me to say goodbye
near to help me die
die we all do
die in peace and we find
find we did alright
find our love still intact
intact now as it ever was
intact our hearts


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