Blitz: Visible Security Works

All my previous blitz poems were composed forgetting the format of the last 2 lines, they have all since been amended. This blitz was composed bearing the latter in mind, and blowing my own trumpet I think I cracked it this time round. The title too, worked out fine it too, coming from two specific locations, with the third being of the composers choice. Critiques welcome, on the poem and its message.


Visible Security Works
global warming fact
global effects clearly visible
visible as in ice caps melting
visible dead ocean patches
patches of coral bleached
patches of mass extinction
extinction yes all life threatened
extinction caused by pollution
pollution of the soil seas atmosphere
pollution caused by CO2 emissions
emissions verging on overload
emissions controlled by flora
flora from planktonic to gigantic
flora exchanges CO2 for oxygen
oxygen with out it all life will die
oxygen mass produced by all plants
plants suffer due to climate warming
plants cant adapt like some fauna
fauna some habitat specific
fauna of the artic polar bears
bears in general in despair
bears of the artic face extinction
extinction truly rife
extinction down to climate change
change not all readily discernible
change our understanding
understanding natures plight
understanding now not tomorrow
tomorrow the future predicted
tomorrow might never happen
happen come into being
happen come out look around
around the glob natural disasters
around my locale habitat destruction
destruction with no regard for life
destruction devastation rife
rife all manner of wrong doings
rife hunting killing for pleasure
pleasure momentarily enjoyment
pleasure short lived temporary
temporary as life will surely end
temporary if pollution persists
persists as in CO2 emissions
persists as in public denial
denial of the facts blinded
denial false security
security stop world pollution
security enforced by banning
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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