March 23, 2017 A Senryu – Haiku – Poem – Reply

A Senryu Haiku Poem Reply


I–sometimes remiss
not intentionally
my apologies
you too a master
your poetry enhances
life in many ways
a dedication
to you Eugenia
on this sunny day
a leprechaun
once a frog himself was kissed
now immortal
the tale a myth
all life coms to an ending
tales life’s legacies
as you now have read
I don’t forget a thank you
often belated
hope you like senryu
in appreciation
of a master you
now a haiku
my goodbye for today
again my thank you’s
A Haiku Finale

spring day glorious
house sparrows twittering
grape hyacinths divine
Poem To Boot

Watch out for a pingback,
I hope, a Leprechauns surprise.
Once a frog, now rid of that disguise
Thankful for a friendly fairies kiss
No lies, now lives a life of pure bliss.
Watch out for a pingback!
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
In reply to brewnspew

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