Spring Time Amaryllis | Flower Of The Day 23rd March 2017

Springtime Amaryllis


spring amaryllis
one point twelve meters tall
beauty exemplified

A bit of history behind this beauty; in January 2014 it was given to my wife, an unwanted, (Christmas 2013),   present from her mum. I planted it up within days an the result some weeks later, well look for yourselves:IMG_0641 (2014_04_28 17_10_23 UTC)

Note the tips of the leaves are visible, the overall height first time round .450 mm, a strong stand by its self specimen. The bulb was kept, and for 2 years forgot about until January this year, (201). Planted and sprouted within days, some weeks went by, the leaves grew so tall they could not support themselves. My intuition was telling me it wasn’t going to flower, but I thought I would let grow on with the idea of saving the bulb again, Well it surprised me a week back by producing a flower stem, which I unbelieving didn’t spot till it was around the meter mark,(easily explained, it grows in a windowsill jungle, a photo below). Went in the room this morning, and POW! A red sun in the window, flowers nigh on double its first showing, how nature can throw up surprises, love it. Off to the jungle now, got me a picture to take:DSC03760 My jungle!

Anglo Swiss

Cee’s Flower A Day

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