Don’t you love the sound of Christmas bells
The love, mistletoe kisses, diners smells
I wait up for Santa every Christmas eve
This year I was late my soul did grieve
Recovered when my gifts I could see
Tears of joy for a special gift for me
A box not wrapped but with a note
This box is full of love and much hope
To be opened in emergencies only
In times of stress or if your feeling lonely
But spread the love give hope to all
May your life and others forever be a ball
I hope that year was a happy one
Loads of cheer and frivolous fun
December the end a January start
Full of happiness a so warm heart
My wishes hold for you and yours
Be not a victim of your inner wars
Acrostic haven’t done one for a while
Caught up now and with a smile
Really did enjoy your use too
Opened up your soul for all to view
Special words you transcribed
Talent now forever immortalised
Inviting all the world to read
Cleared my mind it did indeed
Souls now toughened I do perceive
Overt I am sure all will agree
Understanding life’s ways
Love from me and much praise

My apologies for my mistake on the original post.
Inspired replies by I-read


10 thoughts on “INSPIRED REPLIES”

        1. No, of course you can nominate my blog, for which I am truly honoured. My rewards are from kind folk, like your good self, who read, follow, comment and like my poetry, and the reblogging I do. There are other rewards like making folk laugh, and smile. Then there is always a sense of achievement if I have helped, inspired, taught, these and the fact I get responses at all are my rewards for which I appreciate and am most grateful. So again many thanks for the nomination but as you are now aware this is an award free blog.

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