Haiku: Forests Through the Seasons

Forests Through the Seasons
early spring thankful
winter stratifying seed
inviting sunshine
canopy barren
woodland flowers see the light
sunlit delighting
colours a plenty
blue yellow white springtime bright
early nectar treats
trees budding waiting
sunshine sets them free–breathing
hark the robin sing
wooded valleys
driven with natures chorus
canopy full leafed
sparrow hawks success
at their best red squirrels
badgers set for fall
leaves lost their yearning
verdant to bright fall colours
natures confetti
blustery winds cause fuss
leaves lifted to the sky–fly
squirrel dray’s battered
early frost implies
snow waiting to disguise
white gold in layers
forests now sleeping
nuts seeds and berries food
survival for some
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

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