Summertime Haiku

Summertime Haiku

to walk summer lanes
bird sounds oft times out of view
sights may flower sloe
may flower hawthorn
blackthorn sloe hedgerows in bloom
summer lanes bouquets
summer blackberries
by hook or by crook refreshing
pained and stained fingers
cuck coo a late song
late summer cuckoos a joy
reed warblers paying
the lake in summer
goslings following mum
green woodpeckers call
white throats blackcaps sing
summer vibrant color views
meadows buzz with life
brooks meandering
cool water respite for deer
dippers dipping fun
minute woodpecker
lesser–the worlds smallest true
lucky summer sight
hedgerows full volume
heat visibly shimmering
soft summertime haze
fledglings fledging
bees tasks honey filled combs done
reaping harvesters
summer done prepared
fall patiently waiting
leaves fly unrestrained
suns still enticing
oceans inviting cool breeze
basking sharks scoring
sandy beaches fun
waves rolling lets have a rave
little ripples blush
mudflats natures store
nothing displayed surface bare
sifting scraping treats
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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