What US President Donald Trump’s new climate actions mean

Time Trump paid a visit to an optician, perhaps then he might then see what is actually happening to the planet. If the scientific research is correct and Trumps directives are ratified then we are looking at a much shorter time before the point of no return is reached, and Trump is willing to take that risk. Should it be his choice, a choice that could possibly affect the whole world?

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(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) – A week after the end of the sixth-warmest winter in the continental United States in recorded history, President Donald Trump announced a series of actions on Tuesday (March 28) meant to unwind or dramatically halt Barack Obama’s efforts to fight climate change.

What does this mean? What will the effects be? Can Trump keep his promises on energy job creation?

Here are some questions to those questions:

1. Do scientists believe that humans are causing the climate to warm? Do Americans?

Climate scientists are in near-universal agreement that human activity – mostly the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil – are producing gases that remain in the atmosphere. There, they act like a sort of blanket, preventing heat from escaping into space and slowly – as in, over the course of decades – making the earth warmer.

The main contributor…

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