Daily Word Prompt 49 “Fragile”

wp robin.png


fragile robins eggs
kisses tender springs advance
nightingales singing

probiscus fragile
unfurled seeking sustenance
blossoms inviting

cherries fragile blooms
pink delicate springtime snow
petals done guiding


frosted harvestman

daddy longlegs
eight fragile for stalking
hungry harvestmen

fragile nature begs
climate warming threatening all
stop polluting now

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
Daily Word Prompt 49 “Fragile”


5 thoughts on “Daily Word Prompt 49 “Fragile””

    1. Thank you, and re the last stanza; always pushing that boat out. The one above; you inadvertently reminded me that I have a photo of one that’s just a bit different, you’ll see.

      Have a look now.


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