A Blitz: Jubilations A Moment

In memory of our 47 year  wedding anniversary March 29th 2017

Jubilations A Moment

Our celebration
Our jubilations
Jubilations of love
Jubilations of life
Life learning truth
Life making love
Love for forty seven years
Love our life together
Together the bliss
Together two hearts
Hearts two becoming one
Hearts always pounding
Pounding as we touch
Pounding exploring
Exploring each other
Exploring happiness
Happiness loneliness
Happiness when apart
Apart still talking
Apart texting needs
Needs of love
Needs of both
Both striving
Both knowing
Knowing our desirers
Knowing wrong from right
Right is pleasure
Right our open minds
Minds embellishing
Minds developing
Developing true love
Developing nurturing
Nurturing devotion
Nurturing our feelings
Feelings for life
Feelings touching
Touching bodies
Touching caressing
Caressing kissing
Caressing places
Places only truelove knows
Places often visited
Visited love realised
Visited not neglected
Neglected never ever
Neglected not a moment
Moment one period
Moment of ecstasy

© Mick E Talbot 2017’66


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