A Concrete Poem

 C H E E R S




wine from grape or from a flower a
preference for one or a liking
for ether one dry or sweet
the grape be  it red or
‘full at dinner just right’

23 thoughts on “A Concrete Poem”

              1. Want to do a collaboration with the master poet. Do you think he will agree? He gets to choose the topic. I will be honored if we wrote together. If you say no, I won’t mind , at all.

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        1. Sought of as if no reference to them then its just a shape, some basic examples of concrete a square and a triangle both with references, no refs then just shapes.

          | a box or is it a square |
          |or is it a square box or|
          | is a box a cube a cube |

          |has six sides so this is|

          ——a square——
          shape a
          triangle a
          concrete type
          of fun poetry see


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