Passport Acrostic


The Daily Post March 31st, 2017 Daily Prompt Passport



10 thoughts on “Passport Acrostic”

    1. fresh distant water
      from the planets depths… hot springs
      rock carving masters

      not an acrostic
      like you wrote for me…. pleasured
      your talent exposed

      on the same topic
      fresh and marine…. endangered
      polluted… obscene

      All © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

      A senryu sandwiched, hope you find it tasty 🙂

      Re psyllids, they along with Pscoptera (bark fly and book louse), are often mistaken for aphids by some gardeners. Pscoptera being an order, whereas psyllids, and aphids are separate super families from the order Hemiptera. Trivia you might, or not find interesting….

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  1. proboscis stung
    Twice, arm, leg – each one swelling
    silent mosquito


    Thank you – I’ve been writing …along time… I wrote for Chevrefeuille a while back at his
    Site (not the one he hosts at MLMM).

    I the bug trivia is unique. Scientific names I might not easily remember.
    I am featuring some bugs and plants in my ‘…enjoying summer’ series of haiku on ‘Gems’ this month.
    Yes – pollution is dreadful. And ‘Water’ in all forms is an artistic master.

    This piece written for you will be ‘aired’ or ‘posted’ on my site August 14…
    You get a preview 🙂 of this BoTS (Based on a True Story)…I’m still itchy!

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    1. natures sting… threatens
      desolate… fickle,… distressed
      polar caps melting
      © Mick E Talbot

      Natural history is still a big part of my life, however, not having any academic qualifications my recordings, finds, all of which were submitted to the appropriate were doubted. Its a long story, and I have at times, as in this instance, referred back to the many altercations I have endured over the years, As I said, “!A long sad story”. I attempted to go it alone, check my about page for links to 2 of my other WP blogs and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.
      Was always a poet, but had never delved into the realms of the Japanese styles, till I was made aware of it here on WP. now I am besotted, and on that score the rest is history.
      Briefly, thanks for the heads up, oh yeah, antihistamine. 🙂

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      1. Thanks – I think we could go back and forth for quite a long time 🙂

        I did briefly look at your other sites. Politics and science seem too often to ignore the reality that is right in front of their faces. I am a big fan of Sci Fi – But I would like to hope that humanity and humans are not some other beings experiment… And maybe we, just maybe we can grow up in time to salvage all that lives harmoniously.

        We all have long said stories which sometimes escape into our writing – You might enjoy this piece written for another prompt (I also enjoy flash fiction thus the three blogs…I attempt to keep myself organized that way) :

        Forest Bathing

        I made it through the night – yep antihistamine probably helped 😉

        There are a few things in nature that don’t agree with me…too much sun, the poisonous plants…Ivy, black nightshade, creeping myrtle,… biting bugs…

        MLMM is a wonderful prompt site and full of information too. I attempted at one point to write to every prompt…but now I pick and choose. Helps with the keeping sane part of life 😉

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        1. its great to meet
          folk of the same ilk as mine
          yet we can differ
          © Mick E Talbot 2017/66
          Lost Perfumes
          I too had thoughts, attempted to stick to one prompt site, but like natures diversity, humans poetry covers many fields in words. Profound, profane, feeling of the heart, fantasy, fiction, subliminal attempts to fashion passion, a world of poetic licence, in and out of time. Like perfume evoking memoreis, once lost in history. Tastes, bitter, sweet, lifes trials, tribulations, poets convert to verse, one of our lifes pleasures.
          to walk in pastures
          natures aromas… freedom
          the buzz of life
          © Mick E Talbot 2017/66
          As to whether I should appologise for taking advantage of our tête-à-tête, and beg forgiveness, or thank you for the inspiration in composing haiku, and a haibun, I’m at a loss. Please do find it in your good self to accept both.

          Anon, I hope!

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